SEO Strategy for Website: Marriage, Not a Dating

Once you have develop a website and wonder if you want to date your website with initial SEO strategy and implementation without any long term commitment or do you want to marry your website with long term commitment and future planning along with target oriented strategy to have healthy children (in terms of higher ROI) and investing on the their health and education to make them successful (establishing your Brand) citizens.
I would suggest you to date and marry your website with long term commitment. If you are dating there are chances your competitors get in there and try to make it love triangular by through their better, focused and long term SEO strategy, which will not be an ideal situation for you rebuild your relation (strategy) to promote.
So, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and internet marketing is an ongoing process, just like marriage. If you are marrying, you need to take some crucial pre-cautions and respects each other. Here are few mantras for you’re:

1. Is your relation (Website) responsive?
Do you respect and care mutual responsibilities? SEO is not just about optimization or bring inbound or outbound links to your website, it is much more. It starts with the design of your website. With more according to comScore more than 80% internet users have Smartphone. So, you SEO strategy must include mobile responsive website using HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap and lesser the use of flash better the speed of the website. Images on the website must be optimized and website must score more 80% on google PageSpeed Insights. So,

2. Are you sure with your relationship (onsite content (On-Page) ) strategy:
Chemistry between husband and wife does matter more than what they want to show superfluous to others. In the same way with recent Google’s Panda algorithm update , your onsite content strategy must be very carefully designed and must give appropriate weightage to targeted keywords. While create on site strategy, you need to focus on the few important points like:

3. Are you social and how are your relations with others?:
In this era of social networking, you need to be socially active and know the tricks to position yourself effectively to gain more visitors those eventually turn into your customers.
In SEO strategy link building is very crucial specially inbound link. Inbound link are one of the most heavily weighted factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. You have to keep few things in view:

4. Are you giving enough time?
Every relation needs time, so does SEO campaigns. SEO strategy campaigns are fulltime job do not make it part time or once in while task. As it is an ongoing process you need to give reasonable time to keep updating your website content, content related to your website. Don’t go hire a “cheap SEO” service company but hire SEO Expert who is able to personalize the whole process:

5. Is your home all set?
If you want peace of mind you need to all set your home first. According to Google Places 20% of searches on Google are related to location and comScore says 56% of mobile phone users use browser for local searches. So, it is important to include localization factor in your SEO strategy.

Author has been specialist for the responsive website designing in the effective way and user friendly layout by the Mobiel Applications developer and designer in India.

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