How An Auto Insurance Quote Gave Me Free Collision Coverage

Is it worth it to pay hundreds of dollars more per year for collision coverage on a used vehicle? It is if the coverage is free.

Let me share what happened. On my car I was only carrying liability insurance. If I blew through a stop sign and totaled my car, my insurance would pay for the damage to the other car, but not too mine. Thats how liability works. Liability is very cheap car insurance and is required in all states.

However, the drawback is that it does not cover the vehicle you are driving. Collision and comprehensive coverage cover your car if you are at fault. As a bonus it covers any damage if the sky starts throwing ice baseballs.

I had considered collision and comprehensive for the peace mind. However, I could not justify the return on investment. With higher fuel prices, my budget was already feeling the squeeze.

Paying several hundred extra dollars every six months and then paying for a $ 500 deductible did not quite make sense. Instead I’ll cross my fingers, drive safe and stay away from fierce thunderstorms.

Seven minutes though was all it took to change my mind. One day I was browsing the web and came across a special Internet site that claimed to help people save on car insurance.

Their secret was simple. You input some information into their secure web page and several major auto insurance companies would offer you a quote.

You would then pick your best rate. It was a quick way to get a cheap on line car insurance quote. Naturally I was concerned about my privacy and having my name sold. A quick glance through the privacy statement eased my fears.

I gave it a try and soon I was looking at the auto insurance quotes. This was a whole lot quicker than calling numerous insurance companies. In fact it was kind of fun.

The first three quotes were decent, and then I came to number four. I almost skipped it, because it was the exact same price I was paying for my liability insurance.

But there was one major difference. A big difference. This auto insurance quote also included comprehensive and collision for the same price I was paying. In other words I was getting coverage for my mistakes and for acts of nature – Free!

As a bonus they had a office right down the road. Quality car insurance at a great price with a local office. Hard to beat that. Plus I could call them and not have to sign up online for car insurance.

Quickly I got them on the phone and asked some pointed questions. After comparing notes, I was assured it was the same coverage I had, but with comprehensive and collision. I signed up and have been enjoying the savings and peace of mind ever since.

All it took was seven minutes to get an auto insurance quote and gave me me free collision coverage

Do what I did. Get some free auto insurance quotes and save yourself some money.

Justin Bolton reveals the secret to how he saved 48% on his car insurance and received free extra gas money at his blog located here:

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How to Get Quotes For Auto Insurance

Getting quotes for auto insurance is an easy task that can be accomplished in many different ways. The most traditional way to get quotes for auto insurance is through an agent that is local to your community but the newest trend is to get quotes through online based companies. Each method works and each has its pros and cons

Getting quotes from a few different local agents is a method that will allow you to systematically gather data over a period of a few days or weeks and then arrive at a purchase decision. Using local agents is good because you always have someone to call with questions that is local to your area and familiar with your specific needs. The cons of local agents is that it may take a period of a few days or weeks to get quotes for auto insurance and often times the quotes are higher than they would be If you got them elsewhere.

Getting quoted from an online based company presents its own unique pros and cons. The big pro with online based companies is that the quotes for auto insurance that you receive are typically lower than those received from an agent. This is because the quote the agent gives you is slightly marked up and the quote you receive online is basically wholesale. The cons to this method is that there is no immediate customer service person available who you have a relationship with and who knows your wants and needs.

Regardless of your methodology, getting quotes for auto insurance is a smart idea that allows you to make an informed purchase decision.

By receiving auto insurance quotes online I was able to save 5 per month!

To do the same, visit and enter your Zip Code. Within a matter of seconds you will have quotes that will help you save as much as me, or more!

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