The Freedom to Choose/Find Car Insurance Online

Online shopping has changed the way we do things as Americans, Christmas shopping sprees that took hour upon hour, day after day can now be reduced down to a mere fraction of the time they used to take. A few points and clicks and your family’s entire wish list shows up at your door. No wasting gas on travel, no freezing your rear end off out in the cold and no Christmas Eve fights with someone twice your size who is looking for the exact same toy for their child that you are for yours when the store only has one left.

Online shopping has also allowed us to find the absolute best price on a particular item within minutes, with none of the trekking from store to store in search of the ultimate sale or bargain.

One of the biggest benefits of online shopping occurred when Auto Insurance entered itself into the picture.

What’s so great about buying auto insurance online?

Auto insurance is no longer an option, it’s a requirement and it’s often a very expensive requirement. Some drivers pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year to keep their cars on the road, so any savings available could be crucial in how they live the rest of their lives.

In the past, if you were considering switching from one insurance company to another it could take weeks to just get a quote. You had to mail out (or take into the local insurers office) all of your pertinent information regarding your automobiles and your driving record and it could take any number of days before they put together the information and generated a quote for you (if they were willing to take you at all based on your driving record.)

Many people just renewed the insurance policy they had, perhaps costing them hundreds of dollars a year, just so they didn’t have to go through the colossal hassle of trying to make the switch.

The ability to shop for auto insurance online has taken virtually all of the hassle out of making that switch, making it easy for Americans to save money by choosing the best policy through the best provider for them.

Who’s doing it?

Companies like ING, Belairdirect, and CAA where pioneers in the field of online auto insurance shopping. Making it super simple for drivers to get a fast (same day) quote and often allowing them to purchase the policy as soon as the quote is issued and print out a temporary card, allowing them to have immediate coverage until their permanent cards arrive in the mail.

Not to be outdone, many of the major auto insurance providers jumped on the wagon and now allow for online quotes and online purchasing of tailor-made policies. Some insurance companies even have a price comparison feature, where they give you a direct quote based on your information and also give you an idea of what some competitors would charge you based on your information. This let’s the consumer “shop around” without even having to visit more than one website, that is true convenience.

Even New Jersey, the state with the most horrible auto insurance rates nationwide now allows drivers the ability to choose to purchase their auto insurance online through agencies like the Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange, or CURE, which has allowed drivers statewide to save upwards of thousands of dollars a year depending upon how many vehicles they insure.

As technology advances, it seems that almost everything in our lives is becoming easier to handle. In most cases, this is a good thing, but in the case of choosing a new auto insurance plan – it’s an incredible thing.

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