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Why you should double check Dubai business news before scheduling your trip

One of the most popular travel destinations for people looking to get away from it all is Dubai, which regularly makes headlines as a top-quality tourist attraction. In the last few years or so the vast bulk of Dubai news websites have benefited from a broad range of events in UAE by way of having lots of topics to cover that seemingly never end. The main issue plaguing Dubai at this point in time though is the relative uncertainty surrounding the popular tourist industry. This is mainly due to the unstable economy that has remained the talk of all world news today. If you are baffled as to how Dubai business news can affect your vacation plans, then keep reading this article to find out more.

Does business affect travel events in UAE?

The economy in Dubai is mainly driven by the tourist industry. The nation’s breathtaking beaches and lavish accommodations are for the most part the reason that Dubai experiences such a huge influx of vacationers. Just like a lot of other places, the travel and tourist industry in the region is mainly affected by Dubai business news and the state of current affairs. This is significant because it means that Dubai business news such as the Dynasty Zarooni fraud case can affect what events in UAE are accessible to you to take part in as well as how much it will cost. The Dynasty Zarooni fraud case made world news headlines all around the world because it involved internal real estate investment fraud which triggered an AED 6 billion lawsuit being publicly filed against the company. Vacationers experienced sky high hotel room rates as well as taxi cab and car rental services due to the Dynasty Zarooni possessing a rather big percentage of most tourist attractions in the region. Making it a habit to have a look at Dubai business news before you decide to book your travel to the country could help you save a lot of cash and stress.

Is this still a good place to explore?

Despite all of the above warnings, Dubai still remains one of the best places to visit for a relaxing vacation away from home. You will still be able to enjoy all of your favorite attractions just as you normally would throughout the year. The primary thing you will need to keep in mind before touring though is making sure to keep an eye out for Dubai business news developments so that you do not get caught up in the mix. If you have a Smartphone then this will be quite easy as all you will need to do is simply bookmark your preferred world news today websites. Otherwise you will need to find a suitable radio station while in Dubai that regularly broadcasts important news events in UAE on a daily basis. In addition to Dubai business news a lot of these types of stations will also broadcast normal everyday events as well. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to remain aware of the economic circumstances surrounding you and will also help you to enjoy your travel without any unnecessary problems.

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Crowds and the Pursuit of Local News

The internet has been peppered with hyperbole since the beginning so please allow us to heap some more on. We are undergoing seismic shifts almost daily and this is no more true than with how we get local news. Traditional norms for the flow of information from the local environment to consolidators and ultimately to us is being turned on its head and not a moment too soon. Let’s take a look at how local news is the next shoe to drop to the power of the crowd. In this case, a local crowd.

One of the better books on the social dimensions of recent internet evolution is Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. Combining the anecdotal “Ahah!” moments of books like the Tipping Point with higher level societal forces at work, we recommend it to anyone looking to understand how the internet is transforming how we interact socially. Some of the processes described in the book are starting to make themselved felt in the aquisition and dissemination of local news content and the Zipper app is just a tool in this transformation. Before we look at where things will be, let’s take a look at how they were…for decades.

One of my favorite quotes goes roughly like this, “Freedom of the press is guaranteed as long as you own one”. This was true for roughly the last few centuries (if not longer). The press, whether it’s a large newspaper or your local weekly has been the ultimate arbiter of what’s fit to print and these decisions, however clothed in an air of non-partisan freedom, is made by people. People are notoriously flawed at being impartial so our local news has been equally flawed by default. This control over what you should read has taken a spurious turn over the last few decades no matter political affinity you hold. For one thing, the business of local news (yes, it’s always been a business and a very profitable one until late) has both become consolidated and more corporate in ownership. We’re not implying that this has negatively impacted the quality of local news but we’re willing to bet it hasn’t improved it. With a more pronounced profit motive, an air of sensationalism has also crept (if not lept) into the local news coverage. You’re more likely to see local curios and crime stories than what’s at the root of the crime reported on in detail. That sells papers and they’re in the business of selling papers.

The other main issue with the old world of local news is what ended up on the editing floor (fairly outdated metaphor these days but still cogent for old media buffs). There’s only so much real estate in a given local news paper and even less in the much more expensive world of broadcast news television. This means a great deal of the news that comes into the filter of local news control never makes it out. Perhaps those items were only important to a segment of the population but that still leaves them without the news they find important. There seems to be a disconnect with this type of local news distribution and the needs of those it’s distributed to.

Bring in the Zipper app. Now, the crowd not only becomes the on-location reporter where ever a person may be, but the crowd selects what news is important to him or her. All news comes in and the individual self-filters according to what’s useful and important to that individual. This is a seismic shift away from the top down approach of the last century. Personally, we couldn’t be more pleased. We’re getting pretty tired of the dancing cat article in the living section.

Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about local news and local gossip smart phone apps.  His articles help savvy app users to find the best tools including free texting and private texting on the app market.

Humor Vs. News: Can An Internet Meme Move Politics?

Humor and the news are strange bedfellows. The news, as it were, is simply a series of facts, or at least that is what it is supposed to be. Often these facts are unpleasant as the old adage that “no news is good news” tends to be true unless you are waiting on news on something that is already terrible is being addressed (ie: a war, financial crisis, disease, etc.). By contrast, humor is all about perspective and tweaking facts, or simply inventing them, to make them light up in a particularly hilarious way.

This all said, some facts are inherently funny. Like an escaped bear rummaging through a local dollar store with no injuries to report. This is the sort of instantly hilarious thing that we all want to know about. Funny news stories are different than what people are doing when they make the real news funny. Making actual news, stuff with real-world implications for large portions of the population, into comedy is a much different thing. Pop culture has perpetually reflected the actual events occurring and yet it is becoming more and more of a joke seemingly every time any event happens. Some people offer special reprieve from their biting humor when the news stories are about death, war and other troubled areas but even those have become open targets for many. A scan of the Onion or the Colbert Report on any given day would send someone from twenty or thirty years ago into quite the tizzy.

Luckily an internet meme or some funny video clips actually have a healthy place in our public discourse. These things can help move conversations but they can also take some of the heat out of issues, offering everyone a chance to make positive moves. With political discourse seemingly always at an all time nasty low, humor can help bring some levity to the situation. It might also articulate someone’s feelings in a way that is newly relatable. Humor can go a long way in making things seem more comfortable and clear than they were when every argument was life and death, and each person’s opinion was set in stone.

The internet, with its tweets and funny videos, has made participating in the national dialogue a lot simpler. With each person having a larger platform, humor often helps a person’s views travel a lot farther than one might have expected. It is a valuable communication asset and the best chance a normal person has of moving the dialogue somewhere positive.

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Know Latest Breaking News, National Headlines and Lot More Online

Every citizen of the country should know what’s happening in his state and nation, and of course, there’s also a need to keep a tab on the events at the global level. At the end of the day, everything does impact each one of us in one way or the other, which is why it’s good to stay ahead. If you are someone who likes to read the national headlines on the newspaper every morning or catch on the latest breaking news on the television, it’s the right time to steer clear of the conventional news options and check the online news sources.

Online news sources are way better when it comes to covering a palette of different news and niches, and they mostly cover everything in detail. Yes, news is more than what you see in the headlines, and there is a constant need to understand the different elements of the story. There is no denying that television channels and newspapers are doing their bit in offering information for the people, but they often lack the space and time to cover the facts and details in completion. Quite obvious, there may be many sides and views of a particular story on US conservative politics than what meets the eye.

Online news sources work well because the medium is much larger, and people can actually read the kind of news they want to know. So, if you are someone who loves to follow national news headlines, you can skip the other unwanted stories. To add to the value of the news, the online news sources do offer their unique commentary on the story, and if you want to comment something, you can do that as well. In fact, some of the news sources do invite their readers to write a story that’s new and has some genuine information and things that others must know. When you think you have a significant vision on something or have some breaking local news to share, you can write for the website on the same.

Most of these news sources have been popular because today, you don’t actually need a desktop to access these sites. Thanks to the coming of tablets and smartphones, it’s much easy to read news on the web than wait for the same on the television. Over the years, the number of people reading news online has only increased in more ways than one, and the trend should be continuing for days to come. Apart from the basic stories, these online sources cover everything on the fun side, as well. As such, if you want to see a few of the recent political cartoons or want to take part in opinion polls, you can do the same with ease.

All that matters is selection of the right website, which can offer the daily dose of news and entertainment, and you can know everything in a matter of 30 minutes. That’s the power every citizen should have, and the more you know, the better is your involvement.

NEWSslinger is one of the leading online news resource in USA. When it comes to knowing more about Conservative News as well as the latest happenings of the world, www.NEWSslinger.com articles happen to be a great resource.

Types of Local News

You may find yourself asking, so what are the different types of news that can be found on the Zipper local news app? Good question and even though what people posts will fall into every kind of imaginable category, there are a few tried and true types of local news that dominate the app. After all, the definition of local news is truly in the eye of the beholder. I personally have no interest in the the Association for Unicorn Realization but the members probably do and I don’t really want to get on their bad side. So let’s dive into the different types of local news you might find (and post) on the zipper.

First, there’s the general category of things that are out of the ordinary in your local area. Look, no one wants to hear about my daily cup of coffee (you can go to Twitter for that) but they might want to know if coffee house was just struck by a meteor. Great, now I have to find a new place to get coffee but…was everyone okay?? If an event is out of the ordinary and big enough than it’s probably local news. The great thing about the Zipper is that you can also attach pictures from your smart phone to complement a zip post. Hearing about the meteor strike is one thing, seeing it is quite another and let’s face it, we’re all visual people.

There are also the events that are schedule but for which we don’t know the final outcome. Sports and politics definitely fall in this category. Yes, we know there’s a local high school football game but we’re at work (at the coffee house, of course) and want to know who won? The same could be said for the local mayor’s race and if you’re really civically active, the 3rd seat on the water board. The Zipper is perfect for these since you can get information in real time. Not only can you find out who won the game but get the play by play, pictures of game winning run, and shots of the crowd. Anyone can add to the feed for more detail than you ever wanted or would ever be able to get from your local newspaper or news channel.

Again, your definition of local news really depends on your definition of you. There are some seemingly commercial posts that are really news to you. If you have a favorite store or if you’re in the market for a second hand Gibson guitar (cherry finish of course), finding local posts is relevant to you and may be the best news all day. Remember, the Zipper is a smart phone app designed to bring the local news from everyone to everyone and with the search feature, you can find info on exactly what you’re looking for. It’s the reverse of the obnoxious commercials you have to sit through (thank you, Tivo), and the annoying ads you gloss over in the paper. You find the local news posts for exactly what you’re looking for. Going out to lunch with friends? Check and see if there are deals by restaurant or within a general area. That is news. The fact that you profit from it doesn’t make it less so and there’s a place for that on the Zipper.

Ultimately, the local “crowd” will determine what is local news with the use of their Thumbs and Rezips. The general types of local news above are only a smattering of what you might find. Again, news is now whatever you want it to be…some curmudgeon and partisan editor at the local paper. Enjoy the power!

Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about local news and local gossip smart phone apps.  His articles help savvy app users to find the best tools including free texting and private texting on the app market.

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Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism

Cyber operations entail getting behind the most serious aspects of cyber terrorism and leading to the capture of those perpetrating cyber crimes.

Our society’s dependence on the Internet for public and private institutions in the critical sectors of government, defense, emergency services, public health, even the basics of food and water, put us at great risk of cyber terrorism. Telecommunications, transportation, banking, and the like are all conducted via the Internet and this dependence creates a frightening scenario.

Cyberspace is composed of hundreds of computers, servers, routers, switches and fiber-optic cables that allow the system to work. Any act of cyber terrorism against any of these institutions is a violation to our national security.

The goal of cyber operations is to prevent cyber attacks against any and all critical infrastructures and to reduce the weaknesses inherent in our system. Another goal of cyber operations is to minimize the impact and damage of any cyber attack that does occur.

Our national security is fully dependent upon our current system of information technology. The computer networks that are in danger are the same ones that control many physical workings such as that of electrical transformers, trains, chemical vats, radars, and therefore, any manipulation to these systems can create chaos.

The risk posed by cyber terrorism is very present in the world today. It is also an often debated topic among the security community, as well as those involved in information technology. Many experts have thrown around the idea of how likely it would be for a cyber terrorist to hack into computers that control functions such as how dams or bridges work, or wreak havoc with air traffic control systems. As much as these ideas have been discussed, there has not been any real instance to date of this sort of cyber terrorism.

Because most of our current society is now revolving around the Internet, e-commerce, and online banking, the threat of cyber terrorism is something that cyber-operations specialists must address. Hackers have proven that it is not all that difficult to get into a computer network and manipulate it at will. Although hackers are not in themselves cyber terrorists, they have proven how simple this type of mayhem would be to create. Those who would like to inflict cyber terrorism can follow this example and gain access to critical data from governments, as well as private computer networks. This type of cyber terrorism could disable financial and military organizations. Our society’s dependence on the Internet, and our focus on having everything accessible via the Web, has created vulnerabilities in our defense systems. Where once it would have been difficult for a terrorist to tamper with a water treatment facility, it is quite feasible that a cyber terrorist could manipulate such a facility with disastrous results. It would be safe to say that the real risk of cyber terrorism is well founded. However, there is still some exaggeration in the media that is not rational when it comes to the threat of cyber terrorism.

The concept of the term cyber terrorism harkens back to the early 1990s, when the Internet was young and the heated discussions about the future of security and the use of the Internet were just beginning. At this time in the Internet’s infancy, the National Academy of Sciences was worried that there could be more damage caused with a keyboard, than with a bomb. After the attacks on 9/11, the security of our computer systems naturally came under scrutiny. There were many debates about the security of computer networks of our military and defense systems in general and the ideas of what a cyber terrorist could do to our infrastructure.

Cyber operations have become not only a highly-relevant issue, but also a very profitable one. This has created an entire industry dedicated to combating the threat of cyber terrorism. Think tanks have developed projects and issued alarming documents on the topic, experts have testified about the dangers of cyber terrorism, and private companies have developed software and discuss other methods to safeguard our precious data. The media has also added their noise to the issue, running frightening headlines insinuating that Al Qaeda will now turn to cyber terrorism to complete its war. The end result of all this is that instances of hacking into sensitive websites, the online theft of critical company data, and outbreaks of new computer viruses are all being considered cyber terrorism.

The use of cyber terrorism is an attractive option for many terrorist groups because it is naturally more cost effective–a terrorist needs only a personal computer to complete the task. These cyber terrorists don’t have the need for explosives or other weapons and can deliver computer viruses through cable, telephone line, and wireless connections instead.

Cyber terrorism is much more inconspicuous than other terrorism methods and it is difficult for security agencies to get a handle on the terrorist’s real identity. In cyberspace, there are no barriers to have to cross–no customs agents or checkpoints that have to be avoided.

Possible focus of cyber-terrorist groups are airlines, public utilities, private individuals, and government and security agencies. The vast amounts of targets possibly guarantee that terrorists can find a target with a weakness. It is frightening to think that several studies have shown that a cyber attack on bridges or dams, or some other such complex system, is highly likely since the complexity of these systems make them almost impossible to protect fully. Plus, cyber terrorism can be conducted from a distance, thereby making it much simpler and safer for a cyber terrorist to complete their work. Cyber terrorism also does not require any physical training and does not involve any dangers of travel or risk of mortality since it is all conducted through the Internet.

Unfortunately, there is no single technology that can make an organization completely secure. No matter how much money or time is invested on cyber operations and security there may still not be a sure way to prevent disruptions from cyber terrorism. It may not be possible to prevent all cyber attacks from happening in the future, but our society needs to look at our dependence on the Internet and how we can best protect ourselves.

Trond is 2 x Master level in both e-Commerce and Internet Marketing and is a certified security professional working for the Norwegian company MesterWeb AS. He is also certified Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCIE Written Exam, Cisco CCNP, etc. His interests are ethical hacking and søkemotoroptimalisering.

How to Get Your Blog Into Google News and Yahoo News

Google News and Yahoo News are the biggest automated news aggregators online. Millions of news junkies across the world read these news sources on a daily basis. If you want major exposure and publicity for your blogs, Google and Yahoo are where you want to be.

You will drive HUGE traffic to your blog plus you gain instant popularity from readers across the world! This is another great way to showcase your expertise and credibility to mass audiences.

Before you can submit your blog URLs, make sure to sign up for both a Google and Yahoo account (sign-ups are free!)

How Google News Works
Google “crawls” news sites and gathers articles. Headlines are crawled based on algorithms/certain factors: how often and the particular site where the story appears.

Google taps into more than 4,500 English-language news sources worldwide. There are NO human editors associated with selecting articles. They solely rely on online news outlets and online publishers to determine which stories have the most prominence/relevance. Google News consists of top stories and eight sections: World, Nation, Business, Sci/Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Health and Most Popular.

* Currently, Google News does NOT accept single articles or RSS/Atom feeds.

* Submit blog URL – You have to answer a few questions first before you submit your URL. Google reviews your blog to determine if it’s suitable for inclusion. They will notify you if your blog is accepted or if they need additional information. They cannot guarantee that your site will be added to Google News

* Google News Help Topics provides further information and tips for publishers.

How Yahoo News Works
Yahoo also gets millions of visitors to Yahoo News each day. Yahoo News works similar to Google News. There aren’t human editors picking out top stories. Main stories (that you find on Yahoo News front page) are generated by content partners. Internal search stories are found via the Yahoo News indexing.

* Fill out the Yahoo News source form. Yahoo asks you to fill out some preliminary questions. You also need to be able to “pitch” your blog. Yahoo asks you why you recommend your blog so make it sound good!

* Yahoo News will determine if your blog is suitable for inclusion – they will contact you if your blog is accepted.

How to Get Your Blog Accepted

The competition is stiff when applying to Google News and Yahoo News, and many blogs are rejected. However, there are some publishing tips to keep in mind when creating/writing your blogs.

* Original content – Unique content wins every time! Remember to make your content SEO-friendly and add relevant keywords. Don’t duplicate content on your blogs!

* More than one blogger/author – Content from one writer alone won’t do the trick – include guest bloggers/writers or ask another blogger to join you!

* Response time – Server response time (Bots look for pages they can index quickly and that load quickly for readers)

If Google News accepts your blog, Google suggests adding sitemaps to your blog. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and add sitemaps via the tools section. This is the easiest way to promote web traffic and for spiders to efficiently crawl your blog.

Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur, Internet Marketing expert and founder of The Outsourcing Company, an Internet marketing agency with offices in Aspen, CO and New York. Let’s Do It!, Zeke’s Internet marketing blog, has thousands of followers from all over the world. Check it out at www.TheOutsourcingCompany.com/blog

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The Thumbs Have it For Local News and Local Gossip

For better or worse, we’re living in a world of “like”, “+1” and other various quippy symbols of our online approval. As much as we “like” these different ways to show our approval, we weren’t completely satisfied with their effect when commenting on local news and local gossip through our Zipper smart phone app. They all work well but they only show approval and when dealing with information, especially of the local news variety, there are times to sound off with a resounding “No” and we wanted a fast way to this as well with just the click of a button…or thumb as the case may be. Let’s take a look at the “Thumbs” and see how they work to shape the local news and local gossip that’s important to you.

So what are the “thumbs” when using the Zipper app? Next to every message, whether just looking at the teaser screen, the full message, or replies, you will see a thumbs up on the left side and a thumbs up on the right side. They are separated so that you don’t inadvertently hit one while meaning the other. It’s very simple in context of what the Zipper is built for, primarily a holding and ranking place for local news and local gossip from everyone in your area. Basically, the thumbs is your confirmation or denial of the information given. If you have some relevant info on a particular local news zip, you can chime in with your confirmation. As more people comment via their thumbs on the validity of the actual event, you’ll get a higher level of accuracy on the news and gossip zips that are reported. This is why the Thumbs Down is equally important.

Let’s say that you only had the thumbs up approach. You may have a given story where 300 people have viewed it and 100 gave it a thumbs up. Sounds great…100 people confirmed it. But what about the other 200 people? Did they have no real opinion or further validation of the original local news or local gossip zip OR did they know it was incorrect but had no way to quickly cast this vote. That’s why we need both thumbs, up and down. If you don’t know either way and are just passively receiving new local news info, no need to hit either. If, however, you have information on the particular piece of news confirming for refuting in nature, by all means, chime in quickly with your respective Thumbs button. So how does the vote of the thumbs affect the given local new’s relevance or ranking for your local news attention?

There are three criteria which drive a particular zip’s position on you local news radar and the “Thumbs” is one of them. A calculation looks at the “freshness” of the zip or how old the info is. Every piece of local news or gossip gets it’s place in the sun if only briefly. The “thumbs” help to keep it there depending on how people vote. If the majority of those knowledgeable on a particular news story vote Thumbs Up, then the story will stay aloft. A quick way to vote down spam or ads is to “Thumbs” down the message. If that’s all it gets, it will disappear almost instantly. This is a great way for the owners of the Zipper (all of YOU!) to protect it from spam and nonsense in a way that many other systems can’t. Spammers won’t bother with the Zipper since they disappear almost immediately. That’s a win for the good guys!

So the Thumbs are an important way for you to monitor the local news and local gossip content and validate those messages that are real, helpful, and just good plain local news.

Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about local news and local gossip smart phone apps.  His articles help savvy app users to find the best tools including free texting and private texting on the app market.

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Google Adsense: Is It Really The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

You’re finally getting serious about internet marketing and you’re wondering to yourself “what is the easiest and most efficient way to make income online?” Well, if you took a poll of people who make money online, I’m sure each person would have a different answer. There’s many options to choose from including:

1. Selling items on eBay – Often sellers will buy items at wholesale or from a dropshipper and then re-sell them on eBay for a nice profit.

2. CPA Offers – Cost Per Action – This method is great for making money quickly by just having your visitor fill out a free offer.

3. Selling eBooks – eBooks are very easy to sell because there is no stock to keep. Often, you will keep 100% of every eBook that you sell

4. Selling tangible items – Sell any type of tangible item that you find at a fair, garage sale, or that you have created.

5. Selling services – Gifted at design or writing? Sell your service online for a nice rate!

Or one of the most popular ways to make income online today, Google Adsense.

How exactly does Google Adsense work?

Every time you go to a webpage with advertisements on it, whether or not they are textual ads or banner advertisements, chances are they originated from Google Adsense. Google is basically the middle man between advertisers and webmasters. An advertiser will come to Google and say “I’d like to display my dog food advertisement on any webpage related to dogs and I’m willing to pay $ .38 for each click you can get me.” Now, webmasters flock in and display these advertisements while trying to gather as much traffic and clicks as possible. The clicks turn into money and everyone is happy.
The reason why Google Adsense is so popular is because of its ease of use and how quickly one can make money using it. There’s virtually no restrictions as to who can display advertisements and the payments are always guaranteed.

The way to really make money with Google Adsense is to pick a niche that pays a good amount per click for each keyword. For example, the niche “investments” or “lawyers” or “insurance” can pay multiple dollars per click while a word such as “cell phone adapter” could pay 40 cents or less per click. By doing research before displaying adsense advertisements, you can save yourself not only a lot of time, but you can make a lot more money in the long run.

Webmasters also make the mistake of not displaying their adsense advertisements in those most appropriate places on their websites. Often, webmasters will not place the advertisement in a place where it is most likely to get clicked by a lurking visitor – instead they will put it in the easiest place or at the bottom of their webpage. The average visitor will stay on a webpage for less than 15 seconds, so you need to be sure that anything on your webpage that is put their to make money is being put in front of the visitor quickly.

S. Millson is a internet marketing professional who has been using adsense to generate income for years.  Learn great google adsense secrets at http://www.adsensesecret.info